Insect Symbiosis

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Insect Symbiosis, Volume 1

Reduces damage taken and increases purify chance. Living in harmony with insects has triggered evolution. Increase Max. Attacks the target using your insects to feed on the target's chakra.

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Drains the target's CP and stuns it if its CP turns to 0. The evolution progresses and new abilities have become available. Direct CP reduction and drain attacks has a chance to heal the user.

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  5. The evolution has reached its final state increasing all attack damage. Increases all attack damage. Melissa Whitaker joins the group as a visiting scientist working on the bacterial gut communities of lycaenid butterflies. Welcome, Melissa!

    Paul Gaube joins the group as a new Master student to work on the transmission route of Burkholderia symbionts in Lagria beetles. Welcome, Paul!

    Insect Symbiosis

    Welcome, Shantanu! He will be working on the host and symbiont contributions towards parasite resistance in cotton stainer bugs. Welcome back, Thomas! Our co-phylogenetic analysis of beewolves and their symbionts and the experimental evidence for partner choice through targeted manipulation of the symbiosis has been published in PNAS.

    She gave a talk on "Bacteria-mediated egg protection? Transmission and defensive function of symbiotic bacteria in lagriid beetles".

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    Congratulations, Laura! He will be working on the molecular basis of partner choice in the beewolf- Streptomyces symbiosis. Welcome, Eric! Congratulations, Peter! Sophie Seng starts in the group as a current practical and prospective Bachelors student. She will join Laura in working on the symbionts of Lagria hirta. Welcome, Sophie! Peter Biedermann joins the group as a postdoc, to work on the microbial symbionts associated with ambrosia beetles. Welcome, Peter!

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    Eugen Bauer starts in the group as a current practical and prospective Masters student. He's interested in the transcriptomics of the cotton stainer gut and its associated microbiota. Welcome, Eugen! Welcome back, Aileen!


    Welcome back, Laura! Currently, we are working on insects from three different orders: Beewolves Philanthus spp. Group Leader: Dr.

    Insect Symbiosis Insect Symbiosis
    Insect Symbiosis Insect Symbiosis
    Insect Symbiosis Insect Symbiosis
    Insect Symbiosis Insect Symbiosis
    Insect Symbiosis Insect Symbiosis
    Insect Symbiosis Insect Symbiosis
    Insect Symbiosis Insect Symbiosis

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