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April Winters, a hauntingly attractive Las Vegas homicide detective, draws a thin line between fact and fantasy, as she pieces together a bloody multi-murder with Jake as a prime suspect. Hidden behind the glitter of Las Vegas, Jake Prescott struggles not only for innocence, but identity, fighting an unforgiving Blue Fraternity haunting him with a past he wants to forget…and a future filled with a deadly mix of both passion and fear. Belsky is out now. He picked his victim at random and stalked her silently, taking pleasure in a game of pretend until he captured his prey, played out his sick fantasies, and reached his ultimate passion watching her die.

Then it was time to choose his next pretty woman. Galvin got caught.

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But among the rich and powerful, silence still prevails…and someone is still playing the game! He convinced her to change her name to Annie Oakley and became her husband, manager, and number-one fan for the next fifty years. Annie quickly gained worldwide fame as an incredible crack shot, and could amaze audiences at her uncanny accuracy with nearly any rifle or pistol, whether aiming at stationary objects or shooting fast-flying targets from the cockpit of a moving airplane. Despite struggles with her health and even a long, drawn-out legal battle with media magnate William Randolph Hearst, Annie Oakley poured her energy into advocating for the U.

Most students of the Old West and American law enforcement history know the story of the notorious and ruthless Pinkerton Detective Agency and the legends behind their role in establishing the Secret Service and tangling with Old West Outlaws. But the true story of Kate Warne, an operative of the Pinkerton Agency and the first woman detective in America—and the stories of the other women who served their country as part of the storied crew of crime fighters—are not well known.

For the first time, the stories of these intrepid women are collected here and richly illustrated throughout with numerous historical photographs. Spur Awards are literary prizes awarded annually by the Western Writers of America. The purpose of the Spur Awards is to honor writers for distinguished writing about the American West.

Despite the dire need for medical help, it seemed most trappers, miners and emigrants would rather suffer and die than be treated by a female doctor.

Nevertheless dozens of highly trained women headed West. Belsky has a masterful talent for wordplay, one that holds you tight until all is revealed. Blonde Ice is an intelligent and delectable treat for the mind. All he has to do is live through it. Ma Barker is unique in criminal history. Although she was involved in numerous illegal activities for more than twenty years she was never arrested, fingerprinted, or photographed perpetrating a crime.

Yet Ma controlled two dozen gang members who did exactly as she told them. In June, love and weddings abound. The movie premiers on June 4th. It tells the story of twelve brave women-Buffalo Soldiers, scouts, interpreters, nurses, and others-who served their country on the early frontier. These heroic women displayed a depth of courage and physical bravery not found in many men of the time. Their remarkable commitment and willingness to throw off the constraints of nineteenth-century conventions helped build the west for generations to come. Michael S. Many of the most popular women entertainers of the mid-and-late s performed in the boomtowns that dotted the West, drawn by the same desire for riches that took miners and merchants there, and bringing a variety of talents and programs.

Though they were sometimes literally showered with gold, their personal lives were often marked by tragedy and unhappiness. Three decades ago, legendary movie star, Laura Marlowe was shot to death by a crazed fan who then killed himself. The police ruled it a murder-suicide. But now newspaper reporter Gil Malloy has uncovered shocking, long-buried secrets about her murder and a series of other celebrity deaths.

And, more people are dying!

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Before he can solve the current crimes, Gil must find out what really happened to Laura Marlowe all those years ago. Liz Spear gets her second feature film writing assignment. Client Liz Spear aka Elizabeth Revill has her twelfth book published. She takes charge of organizing a troop of evacuated children escaping the Blitz in London and finding them safe houses in which to stay.

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Some are lucky but some are not so fortunate and Carrie is in a race against time. She is also torn between two lovers, one of which returns to the warfront, and suffers heartache at the tragedies that have befallen her family and best friend Megan.

During the late nineteenth century, while men were settling the new frontier and rushing off to the latest boom towns, women of easy virtue found wicked lives west of the Mississippi when they followed fortune hunters seeking gold and land in an unsettled territory. Even with all hands on deck to cover the high-progile case, no one at the paper can make sense of her death.

Smith gets optionted to Front Street Productions. Linda Kent and Jack Grossbart are set to Executive Produce this delightful story about a high-powered, female tech executive who finds herself attracted to a man obsessed with growing pumpkins. Of course, nothing is as it seems, and with the help of a pixie-ish, adorable little girl, this disparate couple finds that they have a lot more in common than they thought.

Pierre LaPointe, an established documentary producer, is set to produce and direct. WEB OF FEAR taps into the dangers of internet communications when a young woman reaches out on the internet to whom she thought was a former mentor of hers only to find she has been communicating with the wrong person and that a killer is now on her tail.

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Client Liz Spear continues to deliver gripping and complex murder mysteries to her publisher, Belvedere Publishing in the U. Her latest book is a sequel to her DCI Allison detective series of books. Someone wants DCI Allison dead. The Chameleon is the hit man hired for the job and he is on the move. The Chameleon is a master of disguise with numerous identities at his disposal. Chrissy is enrolled in a witness protection program but will that save her?

Holly has to take her chances. It was the golden age of baseball and all over the country teams gathered on town fields in front of throngs of fans to compete for local glory. In Rawlins, Wyoming, residents lined up for tickets to see slugger Joseph Seng and the rest of the Wyoming Penitentiary Death Row All Stars as they took on all comers in baseball games with considerably more at stake…they were playing for their lives.

Howard Kazanjian is an award-winning film producer and author of several published books, and Chris Enss is a NY Times Best Seller author with two dozen published books to her credit. At the same time, a man emerges who claims to be the secret son of Lee Harvey Oswald and says he has proof that Oswald was innocent of the JFK killing. These two tales of suspense fuse into an edge-of-your seat thriller as Malloy races to stop the killer and resurrect his career in the process.

Dick Belsky, managing editor of news for NBC. During these hot summer days, you need to think cool thoughts and watch a cool movie. This is a poignant, heart-rending tale demonstrating that the power and passion of true love can conquer extreme adversity. There she is befriended and loved by Yuan and a rich benefactor who plan to help her escape to a better life. However, the city lies in subjugation to the detested Japanese who single out beautiful Maie Lee to become their sex slave.

This novel is published by Belvedere Publishing in England and is now available on Amazon. The Doctor Wore Petticoats: Women Physicians of the Old West is about the highly trained doctors who headed west and solidified a place for women in the medical field. This prolific writer of novels and screenplays is a skilled story-teller and provides an entertaining read each and every time. Her most recent books include:. Armed with brains, brazenness and beauty, she soon is confronted by gun-toting wise guys, uncovers multiple murders, is erroneously arrested for prostitution, finds herself in multiple romantic clinches, survives several car chases and attempts on her life, and in the end is triumphant.

Through a series of events on the day she turns 30, Kendra feels she is losing her mind just as her mother did before her. Her worst nightmare comes true when she is committed to a psychiatric ward, but she soon discovers that some things are worse than madness. Far out upon the blue horizon white-winged ships could be clearly discerned. By three o'clock in the afternoon they had reached the harbour, when the king, embarking in a galley most richly adorned, was rowed to shore. Then cannon roared once more from the castle, and were answered from the beach; bells rang from church towers, and a mighty shout went up from the hearts of the people.

In the midst of these rejoicings Charles II. The king raised the general from the ground, embraced and kissed him. Then the nobility hastened to pay their duty likewise, and the Mayor and Aldermen of Dover presented him with a most loyal address. And presently, with the roar of cannon, the clangour of bells, the sound of music, and the shouts of a great multitude ringing in his ears, the king advanced on his way towards Canterbury.

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At the gates of this ancient city he was met by the mayor and aldermen, and was presented by them with a golden tankard, Here he spent the following day, which being Sunday, he went with a great train to the cathedral, where service according to the Church of England, long disused by the Puritans, was restored, to the satisfaction of many. Setting out from Canterbury on Monday, the 29th of May—which was, moreover, the anniversary of his birth—he journeyed to Blackheath, where he reviewed the forces drawn up with great pomp and military splendour to greet him, and bestowed many gracious expressions on them.

Then, having received assurances of their loyal homage through their commander, Colonel Knight, he turned towards London town. And the nearer he approached, the more dense became crowds thronging to meet him; the fields on either side the long white road being filled with persons of all conditions, who cheered him lustily. As he passed they flung leaves of trees and sweet May flowers beneath his horse's feet, and waved green boughs on high, And when he came to St. George's Fields, there was my lord mayor in his robes of new velvet, wearing his collar of wrought gold, and attended by his aldermen in brave apparel likewise.

Going down on his knees my lord mayor presented the king with the city sword, which his majesty with some happy expressions of confidence gave back into his good keeping, having first struck him with it upon the shoulder and bade him rise up Sir Thomas Allen. Whereon that worthy man rose to his feet and conducted the king to a large and richly adorned pavilion, and entertained him at a splendid collation, it being then one of the clock. And being refreshed his majesty set forth again, and entered the city, which had never before shown so brave and goodly an appearance as on this May day, when all the world seemed mad with joy.

From London Bridge even to Whitehall Palace the way was lined on one side by the train-bands of the city, and on the other by the city companies in their rich livery gowns; to which were added a number of gentlemen volunteers, all in white doublets, commanded by Sir John Stanel.

No Rest for the Wicked

Across the streets hung garlands of spring flowers that made the air most sweet, and at the corners thereof were arches of white hawthorn in full bloom, bedecked with streamers of gay colours.

No Rest For The Wicked (Trick Molloy Mysteries Book 1) No Rest For The Wicked (Trick Molloy Mysteries Book 1)
No Rest For The Wicked (Trick Molloy Mysteries Book 1) No Rest For The Wicked (Trick Molloy Mysteries Book 1)
No Rest For The Wicked (Trick Molloy Mysteries Book 1) No Rest For The Wicked (Trick Molloy Mysteries Book 1)
No Rest For The Wicked (Trick Molloy Mysteries Book 1) No Rest For The Wicked (Trick Molloy Mysteries Book 1)
No Rest For The Wicked (Trick Molloy Mysteries Book 1) No Rest For The Wicked (Trick Molloy Mysteries Book 1)

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