Nonlinear Time Series

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NonLinear Time Series Analysis in C#.NET

What is our research about? Some highlights: Our group will host the first PhD student granted with the Dorcas Muthoni fellowship. See for example [1] or [2].

Variable sampling rate filtering for nonlinear time series

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Long-term prediction of nonlinear time series

Nonlinear time-series analysis with non-singleton fuzzy logic systems Abstract: We initiate an investigation of the use of nonsingleton fuzzy logic systems NSFLSs in forecasting of financial markets. The abilities of NSFLSs to approximate arbitrary functions, and to effectively deal with noise and uncertainty, are used to analyze several time series.

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  5. First we show how to construct NSFLSs and train them using recursive least squares, or backpropagation. Then we use them to build predictive models of discrete and continuous chaotic time series corrupted by additive noise.

    Nonlinear Time Series
    Nonlinear Time Series
    Nonlinear Time Series
    Nonlinear Time Series
    Nonlinear Time Series
    Nonlinear Time Series

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