Tissue Engineering

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Editor's Choice. Realising Heart Regeneration , ; 3 2 : 82 - 92 G.

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Tissue Engineering

Related eBooks. Webmaster Contact: info benthamscience. These mimics can either be fully functional or will grow into the required functionality. News and Views 09 September Research 10 September Open Access. Research 21 August Open Access.

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Research 19 August Open Access. Research 15 August Open Access.

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  • Livers are stored in a supercooled state for extended periods, an approach that could expand access to liver transplantation. Comments and Opinion 31 July Cartilage has a limited healing capacity; however, studies into the basic biological characteristics, formation and structural maintenance of the cartilage collagen network are providing explanations for the failure of current therapeutic approaches, urging us to rethink our approach to the regeneration of articular cartilage.

    3D Bioprinting applied for Tissue Engineering - Ali Khademhosseini

    Research Highlights 09 July News and Views 05 July A microfluidic chip incorporating oxygen gradients, a diverse human microbiota and patient-derived cells, mimics interactions between microorganisms and host tissue in the human gut. An osteoarthritis model in a cartilage-on-a-chip, enabled by hyperphysiological compression, recapitulates the progression of the disease and its response to drugs.

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    By Masaki J. Honda and Ken-ichiro Hata.

    Partap, N. Plunkett and F. James, Schubert Helmut and Brochhausen Christoph. By Jessica Jean and Roxane Pouliot. James Kirkpatrick. By Gunther H. Sandmann and Thomas Tischer. This is made possible by the EU reverse charge method.

    Encyclopedia of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - 1st Edition

    Edited by Daniel Eberli. Edited by Jose A. Edited by Sabine Wislet. Edited by Haim Tal. Edited by Haruo Sugi. Edited by Jamie Davies. Edited by Kunihiro Sakuma.

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