What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth

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In speaking of community, then, we are speaking of a complex connection not only among human beings or between humans and their homeland but also between human economy and nature, between forest or prairie and field or orchard, and between troublesome creatures and pleasant ones. All neighbors are included. We have an 'environmental crisis' because we have consented to an economy in which by eating, drinking, working, resting, traveling, and enjoying ourselves we are destroying the natural, god-given world.

To me, an economy that sees the life of a community or a place as expendable, and reckons its value only in terms of money, is not acceptable because it is not realistic. I am thinking as I believe we must think if we wish to discuss the best uses of people, places, and things, and if we wish to give affection some standing in our thoughts.

Jodie Keane, Economic Adviser International Trade Policy (The Commonwealth)

You may say that I am just another outdated old man complaining about progress and the changes of time. But, you see, I have well considered that possibility myself, and am prepared o submit to correction by anybody who cares about a community, who can show me how the world is improved by that community's dying. A viable neighborhood is a community: and a viable community is made up of neighbors who cherish and protect what they have in common.

A proper community, we should remember also, is a commonwealth: a place, a resource, an economy. It answers the needs, practical as well as social and spiritual, of its members - among them the need to need one another. The answer to the present alignment of political power with wealth is the restoration of the identity of community and economy.

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Every day we present the best quotes! Improve yourself, find your inspiration, share with friends. Login Sign Up. Wendell Berry. Lonely , Hate , Drug Use. Wendell Berry Spiritual , Knowing , People. Community , Age , Care. Beautiful , Lying , Believe. Government , Community , Doubt. Believe , Community , Membership. Mean , Community , Political. Real , Animal , Air. Long , Community , Environmental. Mutual Help , Community , Helping. Community , Affluence. Taken , Thinking , Space. Regret , Community , Forever. Land , Community , Use. People , Community , Needs.

Community , Heaven , Soul. Ecosystems , Community , Environmental. Sacrifice , Ecosystems , Community. Land , People , Community. Drinking , Community , Environmental. For unless economics is pointless in which case, why bother with it? Chrematistics cannot do this, and economics generally will not do it, as presently understood. In fact, it functions by externalizing the natural and humane orders; it is a totalizing system that leaves out almost everything.

A total economy, for all practical purposes, is a total government. Without prosperous local economies, the people have no power and the land no voice. A great write-up, John. Daly, co-author of what ought to be one of the core FPR texts, For the Common Good , has long been one of my favorite authors, someone humbly trying to re-orient economics towards a broader, fuller understanding of what it means of what it means to live in a just community.

Nicely done; Berry could well use more secondary synthesis to sharpen his broad works into an effective point. The purpose of my new book is precisely to express these ideas in terms intelligible to an economist. Michael, not a niggling point at all, but a common misconception about the physiocrats.

But be that as it may…. I recommend anyone reading this to go check out Mr. His designations of the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Economy expand on some of the concepts put forth by E. It is well worth visiting his essays on this subject of economics from July , accessible here:.

Excellent post. Organic compost can be generated from manure; it can be added to soil in order to replenish nutrients. Earthworms, etc.

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The combined annual bullshit output emanating from the buildings within the Washington Beltway, public and private is not enough compost to counter the rate of soil loss in our current industrialized agriculture. Agrarianism is husbandry.

Wendell Berry Quotes About Community

It also understands the concept of entropy and as the Druid Greer points out, disregard of the process of entropy is one of the chief delusions of our economic system. Michael, the Physiocrats are a case study of the meeting of the extremes. They were strict agrarians, but wanted zero regulation of or support for industry because they thought its only value was in supplying goods to the farm. DW and Blue Sun, we can indeed overcome entropy with husbandry if we accept the notion of limits.

Money, considered as an abstract quantity, destroys limits and runs smack-dab into entropy, as the a-level druid says. If you truly believe in distributism, will you allow for me to have a column on Front Page Republic and share in the profits? Distributism is impractical at best, socialism at worst. If we gave up on anything that definition considered impractical then political, social and economic discussion would be a very dull affair; it would be at best or worst.

When it comes to socialism it is corporate-capitalism that needs massive state intervention far more than distributism ever will. Corporate capitalism and the welfare state — the yin and yang of the modern world.

Wendell Berry and the Great Economy | Front Porch Republic

Wessexman and C. I must say that I am not sophisticated enough to follow that argument. But this is all off topic. Entropy finds its greatest host in the over-fertilized fields of Empire, where hubris passes as intelligence and vigorous opinion seems, at first bite, as good as food. It never is. Distributism, as best as I can tell is one avenue for like-minded people to proceed toward a self-empowered aim for the benefit of those involved.

It is an avenue for cooperation and individuation within the construct of a cooperative and it does not implicitly require the offices of the Nation State. It asks for the support of neighbors in an effort to ford the rushing waters of globalism.

See a Problem?

We are so enthralled by the notion of individuation in this nation of scoundrels and opportunists now that we impugn the license of the cooperative because they are operating counter to the the free market…a resounding fakery now …….. It is an avenue now, a working model, something to throw up against the rotting hulk of our globalist presumptions. There is something decidedly comic in the idea that after the tide of illusions of the modern age has washed out, leaving a detritus of garbage behind, that the idea of communal action might be somehow suspect.

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But in the pause, we must always remember both the kulak and their apparatchik opponent, both sitting like a fat termite queen, expecting sustenance to come of decay. It does for a while. Decay, it has its proponents and practitioners.

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  8. One could assert now that the post Cold War world in America has been partial to the notion of decay. We let our own prodigiously productive fundament decay while sitting on the fundament of our ass, spectators, consumers, mining the productions of the poorer world because it suits the consumers of our richer world. Meanwhile, the riches erode, the energy wanes, entropy abides.

    We war now to disguise our failures. Security is the new freedom, liberty is a mood. Agrarianism, on the other hand, it birthed this kneejerk unwise homo sapiens and if there is one thing that agrarianism taught us down the ages is that making enemies was never good for the harvest. That rate in China is times faster.

    What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth
    What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth
    What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth
    What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth
    What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth
    What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth
    What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth

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